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Mulberry Cottage  Parlor Mulberry Manor Parlor
 Mulberry Cottage  Mulberry Manor

Located one block from the Historic Lynchburg Public Square.

Mulberry Cottage and Mulberry Manor are typical of the houses built in booming Lynchburg, Tennessee at the end of the 1800's.  Judy Boyd Terjen and her husband Hank have lovingly restored the homes to accommodate today's lifestyle yet keeping the integrity of the original architecture.  They are named such as they are near Mulberry Creek and Judy's mother, the only daughter of Lem Motlow, wrote a journal when she was 85 about her early life in Lynchburg, entitled,
"It All Happened on Mulberry Creek".

The Cottage was renovated in 2001 and the Manor was renovated in 2006.

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